A Meeting to Promote Kyoto Traditional Culture

A Meeting to Promote Kyoto Traditional Culture

The meeting to promote Kyoto traditional culture will focus on Kyoto’s traditional culture, and is a public project that aims to study its processes, and investigate how Kyoto’s culture and its foods especially sake, rice and tea are so entangled.

Consciously aimed at the transmission of information abroad, the home page will be available in 3 languages.

[Title] Meeting to Promote Kyoto Traditional Culture [Contact Address] Piers’n’Peers, 280 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto http://sake.kyotrad.com sake@kyotrad.com

[Representative] Takeshige Fujisaki

[Collaborators] FUSHIMI Exchange Student Support Group, Pia-Pia Community Support Ltd., Mukaijima Gakusei Centre, Yu-Project Kyoto

※This Project is assisted by the Kyoto Region Regeneration Project.